York PA Dentures

When most people speak of dentures, they are referring to full dentures, or a complete replacement of all the teeth in the upper or lower plate, or both. For more information about partial dentures, see the related page.

If you need dentures, you want them to be at least three things: functional, comfortable and beautiful.

Considering Dentures?

If you are contemplating dentures as a potential solution to problems with your teeth, we hope you are reading this page before you make any irreversible decisions about getting your natural teeth removed. If you’ve been struggling with pain from ongoing dental issues, or are tired of the cost of dental care, it is very important that you know that removing all your teeth and getting dentures will NOT solve all your dental problems. In fact, removing all your natural teeth invites a whole host of new dental problems that most people do not know about until it is too late.

Did you know that when you lose a tooth, your body begins to reabsorb the bone at the site of the lost tooth almost immediately? If you’ve lost all your teeth, this bone loss can lead to a condition called facial collapse. Left unchecked, the deterioration of your jaw bones will ultimately make it impossible for you to wear any type of denture at all. Review the information on our pages about mini dental implants, dental implants, and overdentures for more information on alternatives to full dentures.

When Dentures ARE the Right Choice

Dr. Currie can help you get beautiful, comfortable dentures.Sometimes, dentures ARE the right choice, both physically and financially. If you’ve decided to get dentures, you are in excellent hands with Dr. Currie and his staff. As with so many medical and dental treatments, dramatic improvements have made wearing dentures much more comfortable and functional than it used to be. New materials can make even long-time denture wearers more comfortable–see the sidebar for more information about soft liners.

Dr. Currie has the aesthetic sense and artistic ability to make your dentures beautiful, as well as functional and comfortable. If you’ve reached the point where you’ve had to have your teeth extracted, chances are you have not been happy with your smile for quite some time. Dr. Currie can give you back a beautiful smile.